We keep track of everything in our lab notebooks.

Procedures, materials, results and discussions. Day by day, the quantity of everything, the name of every material we have used. The only strict rule is that you have to record nothing but the truth. Even your bacteria colony grew in a plate like crazy, you add the wrong chemical to the solution or you miscalculated the dilutions. It is OK. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are only human. And they are living systems too.

Some say that we are socially awkward freaks, they call us lab mice, book worm (I am sure they do not refer to C.elegans ) who stuck in the lab, playing with animals and chemicals, reading a research paper in lunch. But we are actually not.

As far as I observe one of the must-have quality of a scientist is being an excellent communicator. Communicate with the life itself especially in life sciences. Almost all scientist are trained by grammar police and they will be evolved to become one. Because they are so many police in the road. To keep driving safely on the road, you have to follow the rules, thus you have to be a good communicator, pick the words exactly what you mean.

As a Senior undergraduate student who is madly in love with all branches of Molecular Biology and Genetics, I am intended to keep track of things that I think about science. To understand the science, academia, thoughts, relationships, art, and the life itself.

Things that I could not find when I search, I will write them for who will find when they search for it. Not to be called socially disable, nerd or something. But to share our excitement, mechanism of the cells, and to celebrate the life.

So join me in my journey/journal. It seems really a small world. But when you dive in I guarantee you that there are no limits. Be careful, any protein can hit you and phosphorylate… OK, enough for now. Just enjoy.



Author: kocakaplab

Hi there! This is Dilara. A research-lover that could not wait anymore to initiate her first laboratory. Though it is online now, you can find my questions, experiments and procedures.

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