Direction Vectors

The question of the day is about the directionality of our lives.

I am 21 and getting closer to identify which path I am going to pursue in my life journey. I have seen many examples, true or not, exposed to various life stories, get hoped and get scared and finally get a rough final idea about who I am. Of course, there are several paths and different consequences of them. As I write have realized that I do not like the idea of being have to choose only one path and just live that. I do not like the idea that I am going to be separated with people that I am not in the same life directionality. Nevertheless, I see myself strong and happy even I am alone but actualizing my aims.

But my question is, do we have to be around with the same directional people? Have we pulled away gradually, can we end up together? Can the difficulties compensate the joy?

The first concern was arisen because of this: I have ensured that I want to be a dedicated scientist. I want to be obsessed with some mechanism in the cell, correct the disordered parts, generate innovations and save peoples’ lives. Understand the life better. Be a better solution for toughest problems. Not to be rich or travel around to the world. But to get closer to macro through micro.

And the closest person to me does not like this direction to himself. Is there a point if you do not share the same direction? Well, you are parallel in terms of pursuing your aims, being passionate, changing yourself, want to live in good conditions but not mentally you are not in the same place. He cannot appreciate. What is gonna be happen next?

Since we specified the problems, let’s list what we can do with our toolset so far.

  1. Do not overthink.

Author: kocakaplab

Hi there! This is Dilara. A research-lover that could not wait anymore to initiate her first laboratory. Though it is online now, you can find my questions, experiments and procedures.

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